so i got my teeth whitened today



Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood surely is ironic.

#god this is soooo bad  #the whole point of this is that its the OPPOSITE of whats going on #pride is killed by a prideful guy overcoming that  #wrath is killed by a once wrathful man who grew past that  #sloth is killed by people who refused to lay down and die and fought as hard as possible  #yes envy’s jealousy destroys him but its the death of that jealousy that causes him to kill himself  #greed allows himself to die as a self sacrifice to save others #and dies contendedly  #AND ROY IS NOT A FUCKING WOMANIZER  #ITS AN ACT  #ROYS KILLING OF LUST IS IN DEFENSE OF RIZA WHICH IS THE LEAST LUSTFUL LOVE EVER #ITS LOYALTY  #NOT LUST  #THEY ARE ALL KILLED BY THEIR ANTITHESIS (x)

I forgot how flawless klk was omg

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I got a papercut from a manga.

You could say I got a



I’m fucking crying


why the fuck would a woman pretend to like videogames to fuck some fedora neckbeard i dont get this concept i dont think it’s ever happened

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I’m not interested in stories. I came to hear the truth.

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the anime in less then 8 seconds.

This is it. This is each character and what they do in the entire anime.

before I watched this series I didn’t believe that at all

I have learned

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Justice is served!


"In the name of absolute justice... I shall make evil pay, here and now!"